Prescott Foundation letter

The Prescott Foundation is a foundation of the Prescott Family. The only known member is Sean Prescott.

Episode Five - "Polarized" Edit

In Episode 5 of Life is Strange, there is a receipt found in the Dark Room; it lists several electronic devices purchased from SpyGuy, paid for by The Prescott Foundation.

Alternative Timeline Edit

In the alternative timeline, an article in the Arcadia Bay Beacon mentions the Prescott Foundation having vowed to provide extra research funds to investigate the meteorological anomalies.

Before the Storm Edit

In Before the Storm, the Prescott Foundation acquired the Arcadia Bay Marine Corporation from bankruptcy and subsequently shut it down. Drew North's father was previously an employee of it and due to his family becoming poor, he bullies Nathan Prescott because of this.

The foundation is mentioned in the "special thanks" section of the The Tempest website with the word "especially".