Principal Wells' Computer is located inside his office at Blackwell Academy. It is used by Principal Wells to store the scans of letters and other files related to Blackwell. Max Caulfield can use when she breaks into the office together with Chloe Price in Episode 3.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory" Edit

Searching for information about Rachel Amber and Kate Marsh, Max and Chloe break into Principal Wells' office. Chloe searches for information on the computer while Max gathers the Student Files for Rachel, Kate and Nathan Prescott.

In the computer, they find a Disciplinary Warning Report and an Incident Report on Nathan, as well as several creepy drawings done by him. There is also a letter to the Prescotts, a reply from them, and two memos by Principal Wells about Rachel's and David Madsen's visits into his office.

After looking through everything, Chloe becomes upset and decides that they absolutely need to check David's garage files.

Files Edit

Disciplinary Warning Report Edit

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Prescott,

We regret to inform you that Nathan Prescott has
disrupted various classes over the past month despite
repeated warnings and leniency. Due to a crude
outburst in Mrs. Hoida's Intro To Literature class on
Tuesday, September 17, Nathan was sent back to his
dormitory for the day - without a proper write-up for his
files. Nathan has enormous potential but also erratic
behavior patterns that may need supervision beyond
Blackwell’s ability. The school cannot tolerate these
disruptions so we hope you will discuss this matter with
Nathan to impress upon him the severity of this

Please see the attached files for the full reports.

Dear Principal Wells Edit

Dear Principal Wells

We received a rather outrageous and possibly
slanderous letter from somebody in Administration
accusing Nathan of uncharacteristic "erratic behavior
patterns." We’re certain this must be a mistake
otherwise we fear that we will take Nathan out of
Blackwell to a more prestigious - and better funded
institution. Please respond with a copy of the expunged
Disciplinary Warning Report.

Incident Report Edit


The following is a list of reported incidents involving
Nathan Prescott. There seems to be a pattern
of outbursts and confrontations followed by remorse
and repentance. We suggest his parents remove him
from the school and place him under expert
psychological supervision

*Throwing a desk in class
*Cursing at his English teacher
*Lighting firecrackers in the bathroom
*Stealing school supplies
*Threatening the school custodian
*Attempted theft of campus “Tobanga” statue

Memo №1 Edit

David Madsen and Nathan Prescott have both come to my office
to warn me that Rachel Amber has been a “drug mule” (in Mr.
Madsen’s talk radio terminology) acting as a front for another
local dealer. Considering Rachel’s exemplary status, I told David
that I would need more concrete proof and he promised he had
more to show.

Memo №2 Edit

I was surprised to get a unscheduled visit from Rachel Amber.
She seemed quite upset and claimed that David Madsen was
following her and taking photographs. David would deny this and
given the questionable company Rachel has been keeping, I’m not
certain I can believe her right now.

Nathan's Files Edit

"David M. always asks's what's going on in my head... David M. always helps me follow those he follows..."

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