The following list features memorable quotes from Life is Strange 2.

Sean Diaz Edit

"I'm no good at this! How about: "Yo Jenn, see you at the party, let me know if I should... bring... handcuffs"?"
— Sean to Lyla while walking home together in "Roads".
""Hey Jenn... Do you wanna... hang out sometime?" Not bad... Remember... don't be too thirsty..."
— Sean practicing in the mirror for the party in "Roads".
"My life feels like... Like that town down there... Wiped out. Destroyed. Empty. Like I have nothing..."
— Sean to Brody at Otter Point in "Roads" (determinant).
"It'll be fine, Daniel. There's nothing we can't do... as long as we're together."
— Sean to Daniel during their bus ride in "Roads".
"Once upon a time... In a wild... wild world... there were two wolf brothers... living in their home lair with their papa wolf. They all lived happily together... but... but one day, hunters took their Dad away. Forever... So now the brothers were alone... and they had to find a new home... They started a journey through the great, big forest..."
— The beginning of Sean's story to Daniel during their bus ride in "Roads".

Daniel Diaz Edit

"Okay... I'm a zombie and I'm gonna eat you! BLAAAAAAAAH!"
— Daniel after Sean initiates a game of tag in "Roads".
"Come on! Can we please, please, please... get one when we stop next? Please?"
— Daniel after finding a Chock-O-Crisp in an abandoned car in "Roads".
"What if... this raccoon is related to the... to the one on the road?
Hey, don't think about stuff like that...
Maybe they were brothers, like us... Makes me sad...
— Daniel and Sean in "Roads".
"YOU LIED! Dad! Our Dad is DEAD!"
— Daniel to Sean upon seeing the news channel in "Roads".
"Just don't lie to me ever again. Ever."
— Daniel to Sean after being calmed down in "Roads".
"Sean? Am I... a monster?"
— Daniel to Sean during their bus ride in "Roads".

Lyla Park Edit

"Oh my God! You thirsty bitch. Here, let "Lyla The Love Witch" work her magic... "
— Lyla after stealing Sean's phone while walking home together.
"These fucking planes, man... I wanna hate them, but... I'll miss them so much if I move somewhere else. Shit changes so fast... I get so emo sometimes, wondering what'll happen to us once we graduate. Will you still be my BFF? Will shit ever get better than 1452, Lame Avenue?"
— Lyla talking with Sean outside of his house.
"No way distance can tear us apart. We're freakin' fighters!
Yeah, you're right... Best freakin' fighters forever...
— Sean and Lyla's response on the Diaz's front deck (if Sean chose "Always be friends.")
"Stop acting like I'm never gonna see you again... That's bullshit..."
— Lyla to Sean during their phone call in "Roads".

Esteban Diaz Edit

"Court is in session. Judge Diaz... presiding over the case... of the last... Chock-O-Crisp."
— Esteban and Daniel's introductory scene in "Roads".
"He looks up to you, Sean. Try and help him... It's what family is for. Things are... kinda scary out there in this country right now."
— Esteban talking with Sean about Daniel in the Diaz's garage in "Roads".
"I know, it's not your thing. But you gotta learn a trade. Art, athletics, engineering, I don't care... As long as you put your heart into it."
— Esteban discussing Sean's future in the garage in "Roads".
"Daniel, it's gonna be alright."
— Esteban's last words before being fatally shot in the chest by a police officer in "Roads".
"Merry Christmas, kids..."
— Esteban's parting statement in the home video watched by Sean at Three Seals Motel in "Roads".

Brett Foster Edit

"Hey, lovebirds! Back from the loony bin?"
— Brett to Sean and Lyla as he sees them walking home from school in "Roads".
"Yeah, go back to daddy... Pussies! No wonder your mom bailed on you..."
— Brett to Sean if the latter chose to question Daniel in "Roads".
"Oh? You wanna go?! Then go back to your own country."
— Brett to Sean if the latter chose to confront him in "Roads".

Brody Holloway Edit

"Oh, hey there. Well, I'm actually doing research. It's, uhhh... Not for you."
— Brody to Daniel at Bear Station in "Roads".
"It's not as weird as it seems, though. These people, they only wanna live a normal life. Just... naked. I mean, if they're not harming anyone, who's to say they're wrong?"
— Brody to Sean at Bear Station in "Roads".
"Everything is political, Sean."
— Brody to Sean during their car ride in "Roads".
"Man. Look at that... Oregon is like the edge of the world..."
— Brody to Sean looking over Arcadia Bay in "Roads".
"You may not see it but... What you and your brother have is the most important thing. He needs you. And you need him."
— Brody to Sean at Otter Point in "Roads".
"Sorry, I'll probably think of a better "goodbye" when I'm on the road, but... until then... Take care, my dudes."
— Brody's parting words to Sean and Daniel in "Roads".

Hank Stamper Edit

"Seems dangerous to be out here all alone... But maybe you're the ones who need to be watched."
— Hank to Sean and Daniel outside of Bear Station in "Roads".
"Sorry I had to secure you... But if you're innocent, don't act guilty."
— Hank to Sean inside Bear Station's back office in "Roads".
"You're the reason we need to build that wall..."
— Hank to Sean as he's leaving the back office in "Roads".