This page contains all entries of Max's diary that are related to Rachel Amber.

Episode One - "Chrysalis" Edit

On a side note, I saw a "Missing Persons" poster on campus for "Rachel Amber" a pretty Blackwell student who vanished. It's so sad to see her smiling face and think about the awful things that could happen. If there was a way for me to rewind back six months, I totally would.

Then I found a photo of Chloe with Rachel Amber. Chloe freaked and laid into me for not calling her once. I deserved it. She had become best friends with Rachel and they were going to bail on Arcadia Bay and head out to Los Angeles for fame and fortune. I could tell how much Chloe cared about Rachel since she was the one putting up the posters.

I felt even shittier about leaving Chloe alone all those years when she most needed me. You suck, Max. But Chloe is obsessed with Rachel, the missing girl. She says Rachel vanished after meeting some amazing dude... probably some psycho online. Chloe wanted to smoke out and be alone so I went downstairs to find tools and fix my camera.

Episode Two - "Out of Time" Edit

Chloe really flipped out when she saw that Frank was wearing one of Rachel Amber's bracelets. That means we definitely have another suspect...

I told Warren that something ominous is happening at Blackwell Academy. Rachel Amber, Chloe and now Kate have all been victims. Not to mention me, if I keep playing amateur detective. Wish I could have let Warren know about my power, but it's not the right time... as if anything is the right time anymore.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory" Edit

Chloe is determined to get to the bottom of what's going on. So I've been playing "What Would Chloe Do?"- which means blowing off my Blackwell homework to research everything I can find on Kate Marsh, Rachel Amber, and the esteemed Prescotts.

Leave it to Chloe to make me sneak out past curfew and demand I meet her in front of the main building in the dead of the night. I knew Chloe would be all over investigating the campus after what happened to Kate here... This just makes Chloe more desperate to find out what happened to Rachel... if anything.

She wants all my attention for her and finding Rachel and she gets all butthurt if I don't have time for her. Obviously I have time in hand. But I can't stay mad at her for long and she was so damn excited about having the keys to the main building. And honestly? I was pretty amped up too.

While we didn't find The Proof, we found Nathan's file had a weird drawing in it that just said, "Rachel in the dark room" over and over. So that's a major clue that Nathan is involved in this somehow.

I even ended up in some of Rachel Amber's clothes since mine were trashed. A band tee and ripped jeans. So not me. But I haven't found my style yet, so why not have some fun experimenting with a new outfit? 

Besides, I think Chloe sees Rachel Amber in her future...

When I went down to breakfast, Joyce actually called me "Rachel" which just seems so wrong considering how beautiful she is and how boring I am. I guess my new outfit really is working its magic. I ended up helping Joyce make breakfast just like when I was a kid on a sleepover. It's odd how quickly you can fall back into an old routine.

I do think she wanted me to see her new husband in a better light. When David was happy or laughing with Chloe in a picture, I wanted to say, "And who is that?" Plus, I'm sure it's no accident that there was a photo of Rachel wearing the exact same clothes I had on. She truly is stunning. And somehow looked more punk rock than Chloe. 

So today I finally found out what was in David's secret files... and I admit, I expected it to be worse. I'm relieved that it wasn't, so maybe I'm going easier on him than I should. No surprise that had detailed files on Kate AND Rachel listing their whereabouts along with surveillance pics. David isn't off my shit-list yet, but he's a damn good investigator, I'll give him that. It's clear that Frank and Rachel had some kind of relationship... and I don't think Chloe is going to be verry happy to hear that. She needs to start waking up. We all do.

When David came home, things escalated quickly. He looked more upset than usual, but shrugged when he saw me wearing Rachel's clothes. He was so on edge... Maybe I'll never get to see the David that Joyce loves so much. She and Chloe really let him have it, though. This was the first time I saw them bond since we were kids...

Took Chloe's Side
Suddenly, I couldn't take it anymore either and I kind of blew up. It was like a torrent that felt AWESOME. I've been wanting to rip into David like that myself for a long time. I figured worst case scenario, hello rewind power! But I wanted Joyce to know the depth of his weird paranoia. She looked so sad and angry when I told her about the photos of Rachel and Kate, not to mention the the home surveillance. Joyce kicked his ass out of the house. To Chloe's glee.

Despite David's evidence and the bracelet, Chloe refused to believe Rachel was involved with Frank. This is a part of Chloe I don't much like: she gets so damn petulant if she doesn't get her way. Or if she hears something she doesn't like. Serious denial. I get why, but that doesn't make dealing with it any easier. So I threw my hands up and suggested we check out Frank's RV.

I knew that would piss Chloe off and she would do anything to find out what kind of relationship he had with Rachel.

I'm sorry Chloe had to see the pictures of Rachel posing for Frank, even if she did care about him. To her it's just another betrayal, just another loved one dumping on her. Everybody she ever loved she lost one way or another.

Episode Four - "Dark Room" Edit

Chloe was so upset when we discovered that Rachel had actually been involved with Frank Bowers and she just blew up. I can never talk to her when she's like this and I just get so tired of having to walk on eggshells around her emotions.

And I couldn't even tell her where I had been... or why. It would be one more thing to alienate Chloe from me and the world. I had to get refocused on our search for Rachel. Chloe had been busy with her detective work, while I was in my alternate timeline.

No One Got Hurt
After that dorm brawl, Chloe and I headed to the beach to deal with Frank and see if we could get him to join us. I had to be careful and not get him all tweaked out. He was pretty pissed that someone had gotten into his RV and borrowed his account book, but once he saw we didn't care about drugs or money, only Rachel, he mellowed out.

All I could think of was, "I'm trying to get a drug dealer to help me find a missing girl." Incredibly, Frank actually agreed to help! He knows how naive and clueless we are, so I hope that our sincerity swayed him.

I'm still unsure about him and I can't so naive not to keep my rewind guard up. I don't know much about him, except that he sells drugs, has a wicked temper, and that he loved Rachel. Even more than his beans.

And the fact that we were able to convince Frank to actually help us gives the most hope I've had in a while. Yes, Chloe and I were stupid to confront Frank like that, considering how he reacted before, but I don't see how anyone could say he didn't really love Rachel Amber.

I still don't know how Chloe or even Rachel would want to hang out with Frank, but I can't suss that out anymore. Maybe if I hadn't left town I'd be less judgemental...

But now we have Nathan's phone, David's coordinates, Frank's account book, and a big board of clues, which brings us closer to finding Rachel Amber. Finally. So maybe the tide is finally turning... or time is finally turning...

This is the moment where all the clues come together and we finally have a location outside of town that may lead us straight to Rachel Amber... and beyond.

And Chloe is more focused now than before. I told her we have to keep moving forward no matter what and I couldn't find Rachel on my own. That was enough.

I don't even want to think about the images we saw of Kate Marsh posed unconscious with that motherfucker, Nathan Prescott. She did know the truth about what happened to her even if she couldn't remember all the awful details... And then Rachel Amber. Delicately composed photographs of her drugged and all over Nathan like some kind of sick goth couple. I couldn't bear to look at Chloe's face as she looked at the photos of her abused angel. I felt nauseated. All the hope I was feeding Chloe felt like vapor. And then we saw exactly where Nathan had taken his vicious layout with poor Rachel. In the junkyard.

We finally found Rachel Amber. Dead and buried. I'm sorry, Rachel. I'm sorry, Chloe. I'm sorry, Kate. I'm sorry, William.

"High school should be the best years of your life," I've heard over and over from my parents and other experts. Fuck do they know? Tell that Rachel Amber. Or Kate. I've never seen Chloe so cold and hard. She won't let go of the gun.

But we're as close to the end of this nightmare as possible, so I have to block out those images of Kate Marsh and Rachel Amber that will be burned into my retinas forever. There's still a final secret to uncover and nothing is going to stop us. Not even a goddamn tornado.

Episode Five - "Polarized" Edit

So we ended up back at the junkyard, and fell right into his trap. We should have called the police the second we found Rachel, but I had gone along too far with Chloe. I keep thinking I'm invincible, that I'm a real everyday superhero... but no, I'm just Max Caulfield.

Maybe all my powers are an accident of fate. Or I am being punished like Chloe? What have we done to deserve all this pain? What did Rachel do? Kate? William?

Imagine all those other people who had to suffer through that horror... like Rachel and Kate. That made me determined to get out of that room, at least to stop him and save Chloe. I had to use my focus rewind on multiple photos so often that I even got confused.

Worse still, I knew I was screwing around with various realities again, but I had no other choice. Chloe would not die in a junkyard next to Rachel Amber. And there was no fucking way I was going to let Jefferson be the last person I ever saw.