Rue Altimore is a French/Italian restaurant in Arcadia Bay that is mentioned in Life is Strange. According to Max Caulfield, it is the "most expensive restaurant in town".

Episode Four - "Dark Room" Edit


If Max sided with David Madsen during the confrontation in Episode 3, she will be able to find a bill for over $260 from the Rue Altimore restaurant, listing "Six-Course Couple's Dinner w/ Endless Wine" as the main order. The bill can be found lying near the telephone in the entryway of the Madsen Household. It is also apparent from a sticky note on the fridge that David took Joyce Price to the cinema after dinner.

Trivia Edit

  • "Rue Altimore" translates from French as "Altimore street".
  • One of the staff members is called Oswald. C., as evident from David's bill, who served them.