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Samuel Taylor
Biographical information
Nickname(s) Sammy[1]
Samuel DaVinci (by Max)
Died October 11, 2013 (presumed, determinant)
Cause of Death Killed by the storm (presumed, determinant)
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black (graying)
Eye color Dark brown
Personal information
Friends Michelle Grant,

Max Caulfield (determinant)

Career information
Profession Janitor
Affiliation Blackwell Academy
Game information
Appearance(s) "Episode 1: Chrysalis"
"Episode 2: Out of Time"
"Episode 4: Dark Room"
"Episode 5: Polarized"
Voice actor Derek Phillips (uncredited)

Samuel Taylor is the janitor at Blackwell Academy. Some people find him creepy, but Max enjoys his peculiar behavior.

See here for Samuel's custodial room.


Samuel is a very mysterious person. Max comments that he's kind of weird, but she likes that about him. He speaks cryptically, in a poetical and metaphorical way, and often refers to himself in third person. He also believes in supernatural phenomena, and has non-specific dreams that give him information about the spiritual forces surrounding other people like Max.

Samuel is a sensitive, kind and gentle person, who is thick-skinned, and apologetic when he does wrong. He is a hardworking and positive figure in the game.

It is possible that he has a mental disorder of some sort, due to his awkward behavior.

Episode One - "Chrysalis" Edit

In the corridor of Blackwell's main building, Samuel can be seen sweeping the floor as Max finds her way to the bathroom. The second time, as she rushed to rescue the girl in the bathroom, she thinks he would believe her story, if she had time to tell it.

Outside the Prescott Dormitory, Max can speak to Samuel again about Rachel Amber. He seems to know something about her that many of the other students do not.

If Max asks Samuel about the Missing Persons Posters of Rachel Amber, he tells her that only Rachel would know. He refers to Rachel as "sunlight" and does not dwell on what could have happened to her, as he looks forward to the future. He can tell Max that Rachel was positive and negative[note 1], and compares Rachel to a prism that you would stare at in awe.

Max needs to move Victoria and her friends away from the steps because they are blocking the entrance to the dormitory. She tampers with Samuel's paint bucket, which makes it fall when Samuel tries to hang it up, and it makes Victoria get covered with paint. Samuel tries to apologize, but Victoria tells him to get away from her.

Episode Two - "Out of Time" Edit

Upon coming out of the dormitory, Max will come across Samuel taking a break from his duties by sitting on a bench and watching birds feed around him. Max may ask Samuel about the snowfall, about Rachel Amber (after discovering the photos of her inside Samuel's shed) and about the animals. If Max tells him that she has seen a doe, Samuel will reveal that the doe she has seen at the lighthouse is Max's spirit animal that will guide her to Rachel Amber's body, as has been shown to him in his dreams, and mention his spirit animal is a squirrel.

Later when Max arrives at Blackwell Academy after returning from the railway tracks, Samuel will be sweeping the common area outside the bathrooms and Principal Well's office. He cannot be interacted with in this instance.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory"Edit

Documents from Principal Wells' computer, which Max discovered whilst breaking into Blackwell together with Chloe, reveal that Nathan had been threatening Samuel some time ago.

Episode Four - "Dark Room"Edit

On coming to campus, Samuel can be seen sitting and talking outside the dorms with Ms. Grant. Looking for Nathan, Max approaches him. He complains about having to clean up the dead birds. Talking to him, he says how he believes that the spate of dead animals is more than an eco-disaster, and that someone is causing it to happen[note 2]. He says that Max and Arcadia Bay are "connected by time and tide".

When Max talks with Victoria on the End of the World Vortex Club Party, it is revealed that she planned to get Samuel fired for the paint incident.

Episode Five - "Polarized"Edit

Samuel makes an appearance in Max's nightmare. In the maze of her nightmare, he's patroling the hallways and hunting her like the other characters, and says phrases like, "You're my spirit animal", "The squirrels hate you... and they're hungry", "Samuel wants to make sure you never snoop around his room again" and "Too bad you didn't become friends with the Tobanga".[3] In the Two Whales Diner sequence of her nightmare, he accuses Max, "Why do you want all squirrels to die?"

If Max chooses to sacrifice Arcadia Bay, Samuel's fate is unknown. But it's possible that he's been killed by the storm like most of Arcadia Bay's residents.

Spirit Animal Edit

As Samuel states himself, his spirit animal is the squirrel which symbolizes a balance of energy, diligence, vitality and resourcefulness. Squirrels are highly prepared creatures and play only after they’ve completed their work, such as storing away food for the winter. The Squirrel spiritual totems are resourceful people and have a way of gathering all the things you need right now and for the future. People who identify most strongly with these furry friends like to be prepared for any and all occasions.[4]

Theories Edit

  • It is possible that Samuel may practice transvestism due to the array of fashion items that can be found in the janitorial shed, including shades, a scarf, and magazines. On the other hand, it is entirely possible that Samuel just may have a hidden interest in fashion, maybe even a desire to become a fashion photographer.
  • From the very beginning of the game, Samuel seems very mysterious and it is possible that he has some kind of connection to Arcadia Bay or Blackwell. This theory is furthered by his lecture about spirit animals and his heightened distress at the weird occurrences that unfold over the week.
  • When talking to Max about her spirit animal guiding her to Rachel, he uses the phrase "body", which indicates a possible knowledge about Rachel being dead.
  • The Twilight Zone Theory

Trivia Edit

  • Samuel's name might be a reference to, and his character inspired by, the English poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge. As a romantic writer, his poetic work was mainly centered around nature.[5] His most famous works all took supernatural themes and presented exotic images; his style was often very allegorical. With his work, he also explored the idea of a universal life consciousness based on the general agreement of the unity of God and the immortality of the soul. According to the poet himself, some of his works were inspired by dream visions. Essentially, he was the first person to give a name to the mental phenomenon that allows a reader to accept the fantasy world offered to him in a work of fiction or poetry, "the willing suspension of disbelief". [6]
  • His last name being Taylor is first mentioned in episode five during a rewind sequence back in Jefferson's class on Monday in a Blackwell brochure.
  • He revealed to Max in episode 4 that his father was a fisherman. They used to go out together and listen to whale songs.


Notes Edit

  1. This is hinting to the fact that there are more negative things about Rachel Amber than is evident in the beginning of the game and due to Chloe's idealistic image and description of her.
  2. This could be an indication for the theory that someone actually causes everything intentionally or just by preventing the predetermined time line from happening, like Max is doing with her rewinding ability - and Chloe actually is meant to die to resolve everything, which is a popular theory.

References Edit

  1. There is a box in the janitorial room with "Sammy" on it.
  2. This is a nickname apparently given by the residents of the boys' dormitory, as there is a scribble on the map on the dormitory wall that says, "Samuel = Dexter"; a reference to the psychopathic protagonist from the self-titled TV series.
  3. Audio File:
  4. Meanings of the spirit animal squirrel and its appearance:,
  5. "For Romantics, nature was the only source of real inspiration, the only place where men could truly connect to their deepest and most powerful emotions."
  6. For more information on Samuel Taylor Coleridge see here:

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