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Sean Prescott
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown (graying)
Personal information
Relatives Nathan Prescott (son), Kristine Prescott (daughter), Harry Aaron Prescott (relative), Mrs. Prescott (wife)

Sean Prescott is the father of Nathan Prescott and Kristine Prescott. He is married to their mother, Mrs. Prescott, although we have never met her. He is the owner of the Prescott Foundation, which makes many donations to various funds around Arcadia Bay. He is also the co-owner of Blackwell Academy, and donated money in order to own the Prescott Dormitory on campus.

He seems to have a very strained relationship with his son, sending him discouraging messages and emails. Sean obviously sees his son's emotional problems as an unnecessary burden, and is incapable of dealing with them. He suggests contacting Dr. Bill in order to fix Nathan's problems. He and his wife do not seem to care about the advice of Nathan's long-term therapist.

He's also sent threatening messages to Max saying that she should keep her mouth shut.

Possible Theories Edit

One theory was that Sean is actually an alias of Mr. Jefferson. However, this has been disproved by Luke's comments about him meeting Sean in person. Due to Luke knowing both him and Jefferson, it becomes clear that they are two different people.

It is possible that Sean does not know about the true purpose of the Dark Room. However, this is unlikely. The vast amount of money he spent creating the bunker gives the impression that it has a higher purpose. The notion that the Prescott family knew about the oncoming weather-related trauma is possible. If they knew, it would make sense that they would begin a "Storm shelter Boom", and have the bunker ready for the upcoming emergency situation.

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