The following page lists several types of special content related to the Life is Strange games that you can find on this wikia.

Easily Missed Details Edit

Eye of providence
Main article: Easily Missed Details

This page lists interesting but easily missed observations that the player can make throughout the world of Life is Strange. Those observations mainly include actions the player is not directly involved with, objects that cannot be interacted with, or simply interesting parallels.

Easter Eggs Edit

Easter Eggs Info

This page lists the various easter eggs that were included in Life is Strange. These range from blatant mentions of TV show names to thoroughly hidden references. See the next section for a more complete list of references.

References Edit

DVD Inventory

Since Life is Strange revolves around Max Caulfield, a teenager at a senior school for arts and science, there are a lot of pop-cultural, artistic and scientific references throughout the game. Many of those references are quite elusive and old-school, and reflect inspirations for the development of the game, or are nods towards other artists.

The following pages list different kinds of references:

Episode Scripts Edit

Episode Scripts Info

The following pages contain written transcripts of the episodes of Life is Strange:

The following pages contain written transcripts of the episodes of Before the Storm:

Quotes Edit

Quotes Info

The following pages list various memorable quotes and catchphrases from the characters of Life is Strange and Before the Storm.

Inconsistencies Edit

Due to the episodic nature of Life is Strange, there are several inconsistencies throughout the game. These pages list all inconsistencies, with detailed explanations as to why they are regarded as such.

The following pages list different kinds of inconsistencies:

Interactions Edit


Max comes across many people or items that she can interact with in Life is Strange. These pages list what or who she can interact with and her reactions to them.

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