Extra Lie Live Stream

On November 5 and 6, 2015, Square Enix hosted an Extra Life Charity Live Stream on featuring Alejandro Arque, one of the lead game designers behind Life is Strange. The audience was able to influence the playthrough by voting for the main decisions and could ask questions. The developers gave information on a lot of scenes and characters and revealed the meaning behind several hints.

Click here to watch the live stream starting with Episode 1.

Episodes Edit

Episode Two - "Out of Time" Edit

Jefferson's Phone Call
There has been much debate on who called Mark Jefferson in Episode 2, but it has never been revealed. When the fans asked about the identity of the caller in this livestream, DONTNOD did not reply.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory" Edit

Katie and Kate
It was speculated whether Katie, one of Frank Bowers' clients, might refer to Kate Marsh. In the stream Alejandro Arque confirmed that it wasn't the case.

Characters Edit

Mark Jefferson Edit

The developers revealed that they pretty much had Mark Jefferson's character set in stone since the beginning. They wanted him to appear as the "cool teacher", and they had a lot of positive feedback from the fans during the earlier episodes saying how much they love Jefferson, but they anticipated the antagonistic hate for him after fans played Episode 4.

As a clear demonstration of his deceptive nature and personality, they noted how Jefferson's true evil colors appeared in the Dark Room during Episode 5. They also revealed in the chat that Rachel Amber was in fact in love with him before her death and that her letter written to Chloe Price (which can be found in the junkyard during Episode 2) was referencing Mark Jefferson. Mark Jefferson was not suspected by many people as he used his cover as a teacher, therefore creating a "perfect" image.

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