Life is Strange

There are 6 trading cards, 5 badges, 1 foil badge, 5 emoticons and 5 profile backgrounds available to be unlocked for Life is Strange on Steam.

Trading Cards Edit

Trading Cards are used to create Badges, which are used to level Up your Steam Profile. When you create a badge, you will also receive one random Steam Emoticon and one random Steam Background.

Chloe's Card Edit

Chloe's card is the first of the six Steam Trading Cards.

Chloe Card Chloe Foil

It depicts Chloe in her room, aiming a gun.

Rewind Card Edit

This is the second of the six Steam Trading Cards.

Rewind Card Rewind Foil

It shows Max holding her hand up to rewind time.

Max Card Edit

This is the third of the six Steam Trading Cards.

Max card Max Foil

It shows Max holding her right shoulder with a neutral look on her face.

Wistful Card Edit

This is the fourth of the six Steam Trading Cards.

Wistful Card Wistful Foil

It is the same picture that Max was going to use for her Everyday Heroes entry.

Folk Card Edit

This is the fifth of the six Steam Trading Cards.

Folk Card Folk Foil

It shows Max playing the guitar.

Freedom Card Edit

This is the sixth of the six Steam Trading Cards.

Freedom Card Freedom Foil

It shows Max and Chloe looking at each other.

Badges Edit

Badges are obtained by crafting the six Steam Trading Cards together. There are 6 Badges in Total with Levels 1-5 and a Foil Card Badge.

Novice Badge (Level 1)

Novice Badge

Apprentice Badge (Level 2)


Amateur Badge (Level 3)


Professional Badge (Level 4)


Expert Badge (Level 5)


Passionate Artist (Foil Badge)

Passionate Artist

Emoticons Edit

Steam Emoticons are earned whenever a badge is crafted. They can be used on a user profile, during text messaging among Steam friends, in discussion board or chatroom posts and comments made on a profile or announcement.

Butterfly (:LIS_butterfly:)

Butterfly emoticon

Brush (:LIS_brush:)

Brush emoticon

Polaroid Photo (:LIS_PolaPhoto:)

PolaroidPhoto emoticon

Postcard (:LIS_PostCard:)

Postcard emoticon

Arrow (:LIS_Arrow:) (Uncommon)

Arrow emoticon

Flower (:LIS_flower:) (Uncommon)

Flower emoticon

Pokerface (:LIS_poker_face:) (Uncommon)

Pokerface emoticon

Star (:LIS_star:) (Uncommon)

Star emoticon

Pixelheart (:LIS_pixel_heart:) (Rare)

Pixelheart emoticon

Profile Backgrounds Edit

Each profile background is obtained by crafting badges. Only one background may be used to decorate a Steam profile at any time although profile backgrounds can be changed at any time and they remain in the profile user's inventory until traded away or converted into gems. Note that if the Steam profile settings are at private, other Steam users who do not have permission to view the profile will be unable to see the profile background.



Picture Imperfect


Strange Time


Life in Rewind (Uncommon)


Broken Lines (Rare)


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