Steve Hackney Ad

Steve Hackney is a student at Blackwell Academy. He is in a band advertising for more members. The advertisement can be seen on a noticeboard in the Blackwell Hallway in episode one, episode two and episode five. It reads as follows:

BEST SINGER EVER in Oregon looking for BEST GUITARIST EVER to form KICK-ASS BAND to take over the WORLD

influences: The Ramones, The Shins, The Beatles, The Ramones, The White Stripes, The Ramones, The Smiths, The Who, The Ramones, The Style Council, The Ramones and Lady GaGa

contact Steve Hackney 555.846.9129 No calls before 4 pm or after 6:35 pm on weekdays

Trivia Edit

  • The Ramones seem to be so important to him that he mentions them 4 times.

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