The Bay Bud Weekly is a newspaper in Arcadia Bay. There is a kiosk containing this newspaper near the Two Whales Diner. One issue of it is lying on the ground during the storm in "Polarized". The only known article is about the recent strange weather.

Article Edit


"The Beasts From 20000 Fathoms: Nature Amok!"

The Beasts From 20000 Fathoms: Nature Amok!

By Pablo Padasco

Right on time for Halloween, Arcadia Bay residents have found themselves in a real life dystopian horror movie, complete with dying birds and beached whales. Even NASA is apparently baffled (what do we barely pay you people for?). Well, we here at the Bay Bud Weekly have seen enough Creature Features to warn you that this is likely a prelude to the appearance of a giant reptilian monster, hell-bent on eco-vengeance. But that would be too easy and too metaphoric. Our society prefers the invisible beasts, the ones who we suspect but can't truly pinpoint. That makes our ignorance bliss...and the monsters happy. 


Trivia Edit

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