"The Spirit of the News Since 1898"

— Blackwell Totem slogan

The Blackwell Totem is the Blackwell Academy school newspaper. and was founded in 1898. Both known articles are written by Juliet Watson. The title may be a reference to the Tobanga Totem which stands on the Blackwell grounds near the Prescott Dormitory. There are two articles that can be found in Life is Strange, a report about the missing person case of Rachel Amber and a critical article about the Vortex Club exposing the club and its head figure Victoria Chase for bullying.

Article Edit

Is The Vortex Club...A Cult?

By Juliet Watson

"One of Blackwell Academy's most durable and influential social groups, the Vortex Club, started in the neon 1980's as a new wave rebellion against the yuppie forces of the Reagan era. Imagine a time when computer nerds were dumped into garbage cans and blue hair was a cause of expulsion and even violence. Male students who wore earrings were bullied and beaten -- now every football player has two or three exotic piercings. So The Vortex Club was originally a haven from the peer pressure that every generation experiences. How ironic then that the revolutionary roots of social misfits has become a elitist cult. Or is that just envy at one of Blackwell's most successful organizations? We tried to interview the Vortex Club member, Victoria Chase, but she refused to comment and even tried to stop this story from publication."


Gallery Edit

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