The Great Northwest is a newspaper. There is an article about the Prescotts, used by Max and Chloe in their investigation. Another known issue, found by Max in "Polarized", is about the October Road trips, the newly opened drive-in and Shakespeare.

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The newspaper exposé on Pan Estates

The Prescots' Pan Estates: Haven or Hell?

By Craig Kennedy

The name "Prescott" may not mean much to you or to those outside the edges of a small coastal Oregon town, but this is a name that means quite a bit in Arcadia Bay, a quaint town seemingly stuck in time. Once home to a prosperous fishing and tourism industry, the town has seen much better pay days, despite the local success of the prestigious Blackwell Academy and its football and swimming teams, the Bigfoots and the Otters. Environmental changes to the area have reduced the amount of fish and other sea life, resulting in stagnant economy and limited tourism. Oddly, the Prescotts have managed to keep their business interest quite profitable — in fact, they're behind an expensive, exclusive housing development know as "Pan Estates," to be built into the deep forest near Blackwell Academy. Local Native American groups have already filed various motions against the development, citing widespread destruction of tribal lands and natural resources.

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Articles from "Polarized": "October Road Trips", "Let's All Go To The Drive-In" and "Shakespeare In The Woods"