The Independent is a newspaper in Arcadia Bay. The articles seen in the game cover the recent strange weather. In "Chaos Theory", there is a small column dedicated to Kate's suicide attempt (headline depends on whether Max saved her or not). In one of the "Polarized" alternative timelines where Max wins the Everyday Heroes contest, an article highlighting the arrest of Mark Jefferson can be found at the Zeitgeist Gallery. This newspaper can be obtained from the small kiosk near the Two Whales Diner. By managing to catch an issue of it in her second vision in "Chrysalis", Max finds out the date of the Storm to be October 11.

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Article about the snow, titled "Weather service baffled by snow" in "Chaos Theory":


In a rare admission, the National Weather Service has yet to come up with a conclusive reason for the unusual snowfall that briefly hit Arcadia Bay, Oregon this week.

Two Moon Diner? Edit

Articles from the airplane in the alternative reality in "Polarized":

Two Moon Diner?

Amid all the environmental chaos in Arcadia Bay, such as the unseasonal snowfall and beached whales, some residents reported seeing two full moons last night around 8:00 p.m. Witnesses claimed the double moons were clear in the night sky until clouds covered them up shortly after they appeared. No cellphone or video footage has surfaced yet, which has led local meteorologists to believe that imaginations are in overdrive due to the recent eco-havoc.

Blackwell Security Uncovers Bunker and Scandal Edit

Blackwell Security Uncovers Bunker and Scandal

Acting on a series of tips from David Madsen (Head of Security at Blackwell Academy), police officers descended Tuesday on a bizarre underground chamber, allegedly used by teacher Mark Jefferson and student Nathan Prescott to drug, kidnap, and photograph young women. Although there were no other signs of physical or sexual assault on the victims, the disturbing revelations have sent shock waves through the tranquil city of Arcadia Bay. Even Sean Prescott, the most powerful businessman in the area, is under investigation for his role as owner of the farmhouse where the high-tech "dark room" studio was located.


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  • This is one of the two newspapers that the Price family is subscribed to, the other being "Arcadia Bay Beacon".