Timeline (Before the Storm)

This is a timeline for all the events and happenings in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

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  • Events of "Farewell" bonus episode. William dies in a car accident on the same day.
  • Chloe is accepted into Blackwell Academy.[1]

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Events of Before the Storm Edit

  • May 6th - Beginning of "Awake" takes place. Chloe visits a punk club and meets Rachel Amber, who rescues her from two men who accost Chloe because she spilled beer on them. They party and dance together to Firewalk's music.
  • May 7th - "Awake" takes place.
    • Chloe argues with Joyce and David drives her to school; while in the car, she has a dream about her father, William, where the two of them are riding in the car together and another car crashes into them.
    • Chloe and Rachel ditch school to travel to the Overlook; Rachel sees her father kissing another woman.
    • Chloe and Rachel discover a junkyard and have an argument some time after. Rachel leaves Chloe alone, and the latter starts to smash things with a baseball bat. Eventually, she collapses near William's car and has another dream about riding together.
    • Rachel sets the forest on fire while burning the photo of her father at the Overlook.
    • Chloe writes multiple unsent letters to Max.

References Edit

  1. Letter from Blackwell to Chloe's parents, visible in Farewell.