This article contains a list of things that need to be done to further improve this wiki. You are welcome to help us to work through those task!

Current Tasks

  • Elaborate on Article Stubs.
  • Remove spoiler warnings from all pages. Instead, add respective spoiler template {{SpoilersBTS}} to all pages related to Before the Storm.
  • Update the following templates to include new pages that aren't featured yet: Articles Navigation
  • Edit and re-write content on old articles with the Dontnod Entertainment Wikia banner that is too similar to the content from the other wikia so that the banner can be removed from affected articles.
  • Replace the big quotes on pages with {{Bigquote}} template.
  • Clean up the categories, according to the Layout Guide.
  • Create categories that are still redlinked in the Layout Guide and add pages to them.
  • Replace images of items/documents with .png versions with a transparent background (usually found in the game files).
  • Replace occurrences of "alternate timeline" with "alternative timeline".
  • Edit articles so that mentions of the episodes are always in the style of Episode 1 or "Out of Time", according to the Layout Guide.
  • Finish transcripts, e.g. GDC March 2016.
  • Finish Awards and Nominations box on the Life is Strange article.
  • Include the {{Infobox song}} template on Soundtrack articles. (See the template page for usage notes.)
  • Link mentioned media to the respective Wikipedia articles using the {{Wiki}} template; relevant are Trivia sections on articles and the References or Easter Eggs articles.

Pending Decisions and Tasks

  • Decide on how to name the episode sections on articles - "Episode One - "Chrysalis"" or "Episode 1: Chrysalis" (pending until Before the Storm release)
  • Take care of the homepage layout.
  • Work on the navigation bar.
  • Work on the new Life is Strange article built. Write an introduction to the franchise, expand article.
  • Work on new Soundtrack built with general information the soundtrack of the Life is Strange franchise.
  • Upload sound files for Special Comments on instaudio.
  • Order categories - Seasons/Games, Episodes, Affiliations (Blackwell Academy), Characteristics (Gender), Status (Dead)?
  • Replace galleries in gallery sections with more than 9 images with the {{BigGallery}} template (decide on the exact page list).
  • Episode boxes, Previous/Next Episode 1: Awake or "Awake"?
  • Take care of the new overview pages - Characters, Locations, Special Content, Articles
  • Take care of media categorization and add information to the layout guide.
  • Check newly revised articles for banner removal: Alyssa, Brooke Scott, Victoria Chase, Vortex Club, Episode 1 Summary, Episode 5 Summary/Episode 5
  • Decide on which color to use for Before the Storm templates. 
  • Create a spoiler template for Season 2.  

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