This article contains a list of things that need to be done to further improve this wiki.

Current Tasks

  • Clean up the categories, according to the Layout Guide.
  • Elaborate on Article Stubs.
  • Expand on Articles.
  • Expand on Crew articles.
  • Expand on articles in the Community category.
  • Remove spoiler warnings from all pages. Instead add respective spoiler template to all pages related to Before the Storm.
  • Move stub templates to the top on all pages; replace old stub templates with the new stub template.
  • Update the following templates to include new pages that aren't featured yet: Articles Navigation (...)

Pending Decisions

  • Decide on how to name the episode sections on articles - "Episode One - "Chrysalis"" or "Episode 1: Chrysalis"
  • "Life is Strange" or "Life Is Strange"?
  • Take care of the homepage layout.

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