"To All of You" is a single by Syd Matters from their album Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles and is featured in beginning of Episode 1 and reversed in the nightmare sequence of Episode 5 of Life is Strange.

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To all of you, American girls,
It's sad to imagine a world without you
American girls
I'd like to be part of the world around you
Driving a car by the seaside
Watching the world from the bright side
To all of you, American girls in the movies
No one can tell where your heart is
American girls like dollies
With shiny smiles and plastic bodies
I wish I had an American girlfriend
I cry sometimes walking around my own place
Wondering why she cries sometimes
Talking about her own place
Somewhere around the mountains
No one could dry her fountain
Till she got tired to complain
That's when I fly
To wild land, to your land

Interpretation Edit

This song plays at the beginning of the game on an indefinite loop. It romanticises the American lifestyle, and highlights the role of the "American Girl". Although the game is not terribly patriotic, it focuses heavily on the girls in the game's society, linking well with this song. The song criticizes female characterization in popular culture and media; Life is Strange contradicts this hugely, considering the multi-faceted female characters who have individual aspirations and images.[1] The song highlights that from the beginning, the game centers around the lives of the girls; fitting considering the case of Rachel Amber and the drugging of other girls at Blackwell.

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  1. The song refers to the girls as "plastic dollies", with "wide shiny eyes and plastic bodies".

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