Life is Strange

There exists a lot of Unused Content that was cut from Life is Strange.[1] Through unpacking the game files, you can discover several files that weren't used in the game. Those files hint to a lot of plans DONTNOD Entertainment had for the game but which were discarded while under further development, mostly due to budget issues or unnecessity regarding the story. They also reveal a lot of additional information on the characters and their relationships, or possible alternate sequences.

Unused Audio Edit

There exists a huge amount of unused sound files that can be found in the extracted game files.

Main article: Unused Audio SoundIcon

Unused Text Edit

Main article: Unused Text TextIcon

Unused Character Information Edit


Unused Graphics Edit

The following files can or could be found in the game files but weren't used in the final version of the game.

Unused Locations Edit

Some locations were cut from the game but references to them can still be found in the game files.[2]

Episode Locations
Episode3Sub7="E3_4A Nightmare"
Episode 4: Dark Room Episode4Sub13="Jefferson's Car"
Episode 5: Polarized Episode5Sub7="Chloe's Truck - In The Storm"
Episode5Sub13="High School Toilets - Focus"
Episode5Sub15="Hospital - Ending"

There also is unused concept art of locations that aren't explorable in the game, for example of Samuel Taylor's janitor room.

Unused Scenes Edit

There was a planned hospital scene for "Polarized" which was meant to happen between David Madsen saving Max in the Dark Room and the scene at the diner during the storm. In this quick scene, David would have brought Max to the hospital after freeing her from the Dark Room, but Max would have escaped to go get the photo from Warren. It was stated by Michel Koch that they scrapped this scene because it "didn't add much to the story and they preferred to focus their energy on more dialog and time between Max and Chloe after."[5]

Unused Video Sequences Edit

These two videos appear to be an early version of the intro of Episode 3.

This video is an early version of the Episode 5 teaser video.This file was removed from Episode 3's files with Episode 4's release.

Replaced Music Edit

In the leaked build of "Out of Time", the music on the jukebox can be changed to "As The Crow Flies".

Leaked Plot Points Edit

A user called kcbeliever leaked plot points after the release of Chrysalis.

Leaked Build Edit

Main article: Out of Time (Leaked Build)

On February 6, 2015 a incomplete build of Episode 2: Out of Time leaked.

References Edit

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