LiS/BtS - Questions of Consistency

Disclaimer: This running document has been created solely to record any perceived inconsistencies and to compile official answers/explanations and is in no way intended to be taken as a form of criticism or complaint against anyone involved in the making of the core LiS game and BtS.

Please also note the document contains only what is currently known about BtS from the pre-release footage, interviews, public statements, and gameplay live streams.

This document is a publicly sharable document that contains in-depth research on the following topics:

  • What exactly is Blackwell Academy? (As mentioned in my previous blog post.)
  • If Victoria is a sophomore in BtS, how is she still at Blackwell in LiS [Season 1]?
  • So how old is Victoria, and how does this affect the timeline?
  • How can Chloe and Victoria be sophomores together in BtS?
  • What grade should Rachel Amber be at Blackwell?
  • The school grade issue as it applies to Nathan
  • Why are Max and Warren also sophomores in May 2010?
  • So what if the age/grade inconsistencies cannot be explained? Can BtS be considered canon?

For the non-Americans (like myself), the document contains very clear explanations of the American high school grading system, which is also summarised in a handy table in the appendix section. 

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