This page contains all entries of Max's diary that are related to Victoria Chase.


September 3, 2013Edit

And how could I forget Victoria Chase? Rich, stylish, entitled. I could feel INSTANT JUDGEMENT when she looked at my raggedy ass clothes. As if I'm at Blackwell to strike fashion poses... Maybe I'm being extra crispy sensitive, but I think Victoria wants life here to be like her own reality show. Ugh...

September 15, 2013 Edit

Homework is kicking my ass. I bet the teachers grade harder just to stop you from feeling special. But Victoria Chase and her snob minions still front like they're honored guests of Blackwell. The bros here aren't that different. Nathan Prescott is Victoria's male clone, with way more money and attitude, if that's possible.

I'd get suspended. But him and Victoria are part of this silly elite "Vortex Club" that puts on popular parties and so they get their way. It's good to be the king and queen.

I don't want to slam everybody. I do like Kate Marsh, she's down the hall and in one of my classes. She's so pretty AND sweet and friendly. It makes her more beautiful than the beeatches here like Victoria who think beauty is just your face and outfit. See? I'm already playing their drama games. No more!

Episode One - "Chrysalis" Edit

Monday, October 7 Edit

But I woke up in Mr. Jefferson's class and I wasn't even sleeping. I almost fell out of my chair. Jefferson called on me but I totally blew the answer. Of course Victoria pounced on me and made me look like a bigger idiot. She's so awful. Then I didn't have the guts to turn in a photo for the "Everyday Heroes" contest while Victoria did her usual suck-up to Jefferson. He's so cool and he clearly wants me to succeed.


I had to go back to the dorm to get Warren's flash drive and yes, Victoria and her Vortex Vixens blocked me from getting in, and even took my picture... It was so "high school movie" I can't believe she did it.


She actually told me to "Go fuck your selfie" though, it was funny. I don't know why she has to act that way. She already has everything she wants, doesn't she? And she forced me to use my rewind until I finally came up with a way to get her out of my way. I don't want to use this power for trivial bullshit, especially if I have been given an actual "gift" from the universe, but it did give me a chance to test it out.

Comfort Victoria
But I felt like shit seeing Victoria sitting there by herself on the steps covered in paint. She didn't look like the Queen Beeatch of Blackwell, just a lonely girl as confused as me. I knew I had to find out if she was okay. She was actually nice and apologized. She even deleted the picture she took of me off her phone. So maybe there's hope for the future.

Take Victoria's Picture
Still, I can't believe I took a picture of Victoria coated in paint for revenge. I must be feeling pretty brave. She vowed revenge, so I guess I've officially made my first enemy at Blackwell.


More high school drama... Juliet wouldn't let Dana out of her room because she thought Zachary was sexting Dana. So stupid. I was so tired from everything, and since Dana borrowed Warren's flash drive, I had to intervene.


Juliet told me that Victoria was the one who gave her the inside scoop on Zach and Dana, so I knew that Victoria was playing them all. I snuck into Victoria's room and onto her laptop and found out that she was indeed lying through her ass just to create drama. Of course, I felt like a weasel going through Victoria's room and laptop.


Don't talk about the pregnancy
Once I gave Juliet the proof that Victoria was behind it all, I went to get Warren's flash drive from Dana. She was in a weird mood, but we said nasty things about Victoria and I think it definitely made her feel better. We talked about Warren and Dana implied that he likes me. Ew.

Talk about the rumour
Once I gave Juliet the proof that Victoria was behind it all, I went to get Warren's flash drive from Dana. She was in a weird mood, so I had a look around to see if I could find out why. I found a home pregnancy test along with a note from Logan and a doctor's appointment. Dana admitted she was pregnant and I realized that all of my friends have troubles that are just as significant as mine. Sigh.

Episode Two - "Out of Time" Edit

Tuesday, October 8 Edit

I woke up this morning a different person. Even if nobody knows yet. After yesterday's intense revelations with my rewind power and saving Chloe's life among the other cray cray (as Victoria might say say) events at Blackwell, I have to assume everything is different now. And I thought exposing my photos to the world was going to be hard.


I ran into Kate in the showers and she asked for "The October Country" back. I love that book and definitely need to get my own copy. Of course when I was in the shower, Victoria and Taylor barged in and totally started ragging on poor Kate about the video. Just to be complete assholes they wrote the link on the mirror.


I truly don't understand how they get off on acting like that. Victoria has EVERYTHING. What does she gain by being a bully to Kate Marsh? We're supposed to be adults here, but I swear it's like "Battle Royale" - just without the dystopia and exploding heads. Only Victoria could make me feel dirty in a shower.


Hide the Truth and Make fun of Victoria
So after listening to Victoria and Taylor rag on Kate about the video, I came back to my room to find it TRASHED. Or at least messier than it was before.

Now I have to clean up just to find Kate's book... I bet Victoria did this because of that paint photo yesterday. I should've expected swift retribution. Another day, another drama..

Tell on Nathan and Comfort Victoria
So after listening to Victoria and Taylor rag on Kate about the video, I came back to my room to find this creepy photomontage. Only Nathan would be this disturbed.

The thought that Nathan was in here actually setting up this weird gallery is way fucked up. I better start being more careful around here. I almost want a surveillance system now...

Tell on Nathan and Make fun of Victoria

Hide the Truth and Comfort Victoria
After being forced to listen to Victoria and Taylor rag on Kate about the video, I headed back to my room. I didn't really have any time to chill out, I had to get dressed and find Kate's book in my own mess, rushing all the while to not be late for Chloe.


As if things here weren't dramatic enough, I got a creepy text from a private number. Nathan? Victoria? No clue. I really have to start watching my back.


Just when I was feeling good about Chloe and me, I walk into Jefferson's class and see Nathan and Victoria actually sitting on my desk. Unreal... Asshole bookends.


Saved Kate
And that made me wonder if Victoria was watching and how she felt about all this. I almost wanted to find her... just to get in her smug face for enabling Kate's suicide attempt. Such cruel bullshit. Though, to be fair, Victoria wasn't the only one that was responsible... Nathan Prescott seemed to have disappeared... Which was probably a good thing.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory" Edit

Wednesday, October 9 Edit

Got Mr. Jefferson suspended
So that's cool that I got Mr. Jefferson in trouble and he won't be representing Blackwell at the "Everyday Heroes" contest. I don't blame him for what happened to Kate... Yes, he should have listened to her. But it's not fair he can't attend the event. Now the winner has to hang out with Principal Wells. I hope Victoria wins. But one of my heroes probably hates me. Yay Max.


Even more so when we went to the front of the building and spied on Victoria talking smack about me (shocked!) and worse, 'actually trying to blackmail Mr. Jefferson to pick her photo for the "Everyday Heroes" contest. She is freaking unreal...


I give Mr. Jefferson major respect for telling her to get lost, even though she deserved to be expelled for pulling that crap. This is her priority after what happened with Kate? I just don't understand Victoria, no matter how I try. She's already rich, pretty, and a good photographer. Why try so hard and hurt so many to manipulate everything already in your favor?

Episode Four - "Dark Room" Edit

Thursday, October 10 Edit

I knew I was screwed when I came out of my epic rewind and saw Victoria Chase... but now she was my FRIEND. And I was a MEMBER of the Vortex Club. 'Nuff said.


The coordinates led us to an old "abandoned" farm owned by the Prescott family and I shouldn't have been surprised that it was actually housing a weird secure bunker that was filled with Precott memorabilia... and worse.


If there was evil ground zero, this place was it. Cupboards filled with named red binders that confirmed our worst nightmares... not that I even had any clue that our amateur detective work would lead us to this kind of professional hell. When I saw the binder marked "Victoria," my heart started pounding like a jackhammer. Then I had a real clue about what was coming...


Warned Victoria
No matter how evil I thought Victoria was, she's actually just a terribly insecure person with talent, passion, and a tendency to be a cruel dick for no good reason. I have to see beyond our petty girl mean girl drama and assume she has a role to play in all of this too. So we talked like human beings and I warned her, without specifics about Nathan. She believed me and it felt so warm to make a connection with my previous "enemy." A sliver of light in all this darkness. Let there be more.

Episode Five - "Polarized" Edit

Friday, October 11 Edit

Warned Victoria
I also feel so terrible that Victoria had to end up in here with me, just because I warned her about Nathan. I should have known that she would rush to Jefferson for protection. Instead, he kidnapped her and almost murdered her... because of me.