Warren's Flash Drive
Type: USB flash drive
Location: Dana's Room, Prescott Dormitory
Appears in: Episode 1: Chrysalis

Warren's Flash D​rive appears in the first episode. One of the first objectives for Max is to bring it back to Warren after having borrowed it on October 3.[1]

Episode One: "Chrysalis" Edit

Shortly after exiting the Blackwell Academy building, Max receives a message from Warren asking to bring his flash drive back. She returns to her dorm room and finds out that Dana has borrowed the drive to entertain herself while studying. Max then has to sort out the drama between Juliet and Dana to finally get to Dana's room and grab the flash drive. She can also plug it into Dana's computer (or her own) to check the contents. Max and Warren talk about the various films there at the Blackwell Parking Lot.

Contents Edit

  • Weird Science - Homework
  • Warren G.'s Incredible Film Library
  • Greatest TV Shows Ever
  • Muzak
  • Randomz'
  • Not downloaded
  • The Party Buster - Unholy Obscenities
  • MAX

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • After grabbing the flash, Max says: "Must protect my precious, so Max never has to chase it down again." This is a reference to the "The Lord of the Rings".
  • Warren's flash drive has colored sides and looks like three cubes connected together. This might be a reference to the Rubik's Cube.

Notes Edit

  1. Max states in her diary that it hasn't been a full week since she borrowed the flash drive, and Warren sends Max a message reminding her to check NEKromantik on his flash drive that day.

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