Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde (greying)
Eye color Blue
Career information
Profession Weatherman
Affiliation KBAY7 News
Game information
Appearance(s) "Episode 2: Out of Time" (on the TV in the Two Whales Diner)
""Episode 3: Chaos Theory" (on the TV in the Two Whales Diner)
"Episode 4: Dark Room" (on the TV in the kitchen of the Madsen Household)
Voice actor Don McManus (uncredited)

The Weatherman is the local newsman reporting about the strange weather anomalies occurring in Arcadia Bay.

Appearances Edit

The Weatherman moderates a talk show together with a woman about the extreme weather, e.g. the unseasonal snow or the unscheduled eclipse. Global Warming is considered as a possible reason. Arcadia Bay residents can call in and describe their experiences.

Trivia Edit

  • The Weatherman is based off on and modelled by DONTNOD Entertainment's CEO Guilbert Oskar, as confirmed on Life is Strange's official Twitter.

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