Arcadia Bay Wildlife Poster

Poster at the lighthouse.

Arcadia Bay has a large and diverse range of wildlife. The following is a list of appearing animals (as seen in the game).

  • Deer
  • Squirrels
  • Birds (Owls, Seagulls)
  • Insects (Roaches, Ants, Butterflies, Fireflies)
  • Whales
  • Variety of fish

Some animals can be interpreted as spirits (see spirit animals), and some are related to optional photos, e.g. the squirrels or minor choices, e.g. the blue jay.

Episode One - "Chrysalis" Edit

Animal Image Description
Deer Doe vision The first animal seen is the ghost doe in Max's vision.

Episode Two - "Out of Time" Edit

Animal Image Description
Deer Deer-01 The ghost doe can be seen again on the junkyard. It is part of an optional photo and rewards the "Dynamic Range" achievement.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory" Edit

Animal Image Description
Squirrel TBA TBA
Whales Anomaly-whales Dead whales are lying on the alternative beach.
Fireflies TBA TBA

Episode Four - "Dark Room" Edit

Animal Image Description
Whales Anomaly-whales2 Dead whales are also on the beach in the original timeline.
Doe Rachel Amber (Ep4)-03 The doe watches as Max and Chloe discover Rachel's body.

Episode Five - "Polarized" Edit

Animal Image Description
Squirrels Giant squirrels Squirrels appear outside the window of the dormitories in Max's nightmare.
Deer Deer sacrifice arcadia At the end of the "Sacrifice Arcadia Bay" ending, 3 deer stand in the ruins of the town.

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